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A Philosophy


Our principles, our values, our actions

Management plan

peupliers, domaine des bois de cabiros 33 720 landiras

As a forest ages, it becomes more fragile and more susceptible to disease and bad weather. When a tree dies, it releases the carbon it has stored throughout its life.

This principle led us to adopt a forest management plan to enable the forest to retain its environmental characteristics and allow it to expand and retain its biodiversity.

If the forest regenerates naturally, reforestation increases its rate of expansion and perpetuates the forest resource. Thinning is an important operation because it allows the best quality trees to develop without competing with the others.

We have planted a number of different species, taking climate issues into account: large numbers of false acacias (black locust), which consume little water, enrich the soil with nitrogen and have a high CO2 absorption capacity (an essential quality in the context of global warming), maritime pines, cherry trees, poplars, natural hedges and fruit trees, hazelnut trees along watercourses to complement the presence of oaks, chestnut trees and wild flora.

Sustainable management & PEFC Certification

domaine forestier des bois de cabiros 33 720 landiras

A sustainably managed forest is one where biodiversity is respected and maintained, where the soil and water are respected, which is renewed naturally or by planting and which produces wood.

This principle led us to adopt PEFC certification a decade ago, with commitments to encourage species diversity, preserve soils, fauna, flora, habitats and wetlands, refrain from using fertilisers or plant protection products, refrain from using GMOs and monitor the health and vitality of the forest.

PEFC's strength lies at both international and local level, with all the stakeholders involved in sustainable forest management.


As a forest owner, our PEFC certification is part of a responsible approach to sustainable forest management, helping to ensure forest renewal and maintain floral diversity.

Preservation of Biodiversity

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ruisseau domaine des bois de cabiros 33 720 landiras

Biodiversity is the totality of living beings, micro-organisms, plants, fungi or animals. It is also the interactions that link them to each other and to the environment in which they live.

Biodiversity is therefore a much broader concept than the simple collection of animal and plant species to which it is often reduced: it is the diversity of life at all its levels of organisation, from the gene to the species and the ecosystems. These levels are in permanent dynamics and interactions and are the framework for the evolution of life.  


Our estate has a rich biodiversity, due to the diversity of species, trees, micro-organisms and the diversity of species present.

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