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Vagues de béton



A culinary journey rich in flavours, 
for a reinterpretation of Gastronomy  is offered in the Privilège & Signature offers

Ecolodge so wood 33

Bistronomic & Gastronomic menus

Here, fresh local produce is served up in the form of Bistronomic & Gastronomic cuisine: simple, but with lots of flavour and always with the same attention to detail!


The bistronomic menu (5 courses) is offered by Chef Arthur Lecocq in total autonomy as part of the Privilege offer.

The gastronomic menu (7 courses) is offered by private chef Nicolas Touroul Chevalerie in the Signature package.


The Chefs draw their inspiration from the local produce and propose menus that change with the seasons.

Both menus are available in a vegetarian version.

Nature on your plate!

Arthur et Celia Lecocq, chefs Le Grangousier Langon

Privilege Offer

Diner prepared by Chef Arthur Lecocq

Chef Arthur Lecocq offers inventive cuisine based on the classics, using fresh, high-quality seasonal produce.


This menu will be prepared especially for you in advance;

All you have to do is decide when, and heat up the main course in the oven for a few minutes - it's that simple!

Beige Simple Minimalist Cursive Wedding Menu (2).png

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Ecolodge so wood 33
Ecolodge so wood 33

Signature Offer

Diner prepared by private Chef Nicolas Touroul Chevalerie

Originally from Normandy, Nicolas has a passion for gastronomic cuisine. He trained in renowned establishments such as the Plaza Athénée, Guy Savoy's restaurant and Potel & Chabot, was a referent at the Ferrandi school in Bordeaux, and is now a Private Chef.


With respect for the quality of his products above all else, he is passionate about ensuring that you enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

A private chef just for you! Nicolas will be on hand for your dinner and will take care of everything: preparing the gourmet dinner, serving it to you and then disappearing...

Ecolodge so wood 33
Ecolodge so wood 33

Menu Gastronomique en 7 temps
Printemps 2024

Ecolodge so wood 33

The chefs  will transport you 
and share their passion, know-how and

creativity with you!

The menus change over time and follow the seasons.

Ecolodge so wood 33

Let yourself be surprised
by unique emotions...

A multi-sensory experience in a unique natural setting that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds!


Ecolodge so wood 33
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