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spa privatif logement insolite luxe france nature


In the  kingdom of well-being in a huge natural garden..

The Spa, immersed in nature!

Discover this unforgettable experience of relaxation

in the forest! Because the spa is renowned for its virtues and health benefits, it's the ideal way to disconnect, decompress, revitalise and regain your shape and well-being.


For a few precious moments,

you can relax and connect with nature.

A feeling of absolute well-being...

With five seats, its ergonomic shell is designed

to fit the shape of your body. You'll have the pleasure of

of relaxing in a seated and/or reclining position.


The lighting in a spa is actually one of the elements that plays a major role in relaxation, thanks to the light and energy of colours.


Equipped with a chromotherapy system, all you have to do is wait for the sun to set, switch on the spa lighting

and enjoy the fullness of nature ...

Terrasse & Spa, écolodge So Wood 33

The Sauna, purifying & detoxifying

sauna infra rouges, ecolodge so wood 33, logement insolite en pleine nature, proche bordeaux, 33 720 landiras

The power of heat

Originating in Japan, the infra-red sauna is an innovative and exclusive therapy.



Its benefits for the body

are multiple, purifying action, muscular and cardiovascular action, improvement of the immune system, elimination of toxins,

beauty of the skin...

A chromotherapy system is also

integrated into the cabin, and speakers are also available

for you to listen to a musical wellness break!

An ideal  place to relax , recharge your batteries,

regenerate and recharge full of energy.

Sauna infra rouges, écolodge So Wood 33

In short, relax and enjoy this spa and sauna in total tranquillity throughout your stay, just for you!



There's no timetable to keep - it's available whenever you want, during the day and in the evening!

Spa by night, écolodge So Wood 33
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