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Vagues de béton


Ecolodge so wood 33

A menu in 7 sequences

Here, fresh local produce is served up in the form of gourmet cuisine: simple, but with plenty of flavour and as much care as ever!


The gastronomic menu is proposed by private chef Nicolas Touroul Chevalerie as part of the Signature offer.


The Chef draws his inspiration from the local terroir and will propose a menu that will evolve with the seasons.


The menu consists of an appetiser, two starters, a main course, cheese, dessert & mignardise.

Ecolodge so wood 33

Dinner prepared by private Chef 

Nicolas Touroul Chevalerie

Originally from Normandy, Nicolas has a passion for gastronomic cuisine, having worked in such renowned establishments as the Plaza Athénée, Guy Savoy's restaurant, Potel & Chabot, then as a referent at the Ferrandi school in Bordeaux, and now as a private chef.


With respect for the quality of his products above all else, he is passionate about ensuring that you enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

A private chef just for you! Nicolas will be present at your dinner and will take care of everything: preparing the gourmet dinner, serving it to the plate before slipping away...

Ecolodge so wood 33

Carte du Menu Gastronomique Été 2024 

Menu 2024 ecolodge

Let yourself be surprised
by unique emotions...

A multi-sensory experience in a unique setting in the middle of nature that will leave a mark on your mind and your taste buds.


Ecolodge so wood 33

Une expérience hors norme dans un cadre exceptionnel…Une expérience multi-sensorielle dans un cadre unique en pleine nature qui marquera vos esprits et vos papilles!

Ecolodge so wood 33
Ecolodge so wood 33
Ecolodge so wood 33
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